Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hi, I'm Anne and it occurred to me I should probably say hi and introduce myself before I carry on with the reviews- I get carried away a bit. I'm sorry.

So a bit about me, I like to read. Sorry, understatement; I love to read. I've recently moved from England to France and I was actually having problems at my school library with running out of things to read that interest me. (I'm going to add that it was an amazing school library). Now I've started on my new school library with Bridget Jones's Diary being the first thing I read there.

I'm afraid you're going to have to please give me some time to sort everything out, as it says on the introduction bit on the sidebar I am hopeless with technology and it's going to take a while for me to get used to it all. I spent forever last night trying to find the settings and in the end I had to print screen for my friend to help me. And this is supposed to be the modern generation of technology.

Please do follow while I get everything set up, or come back again when things are less on their head.

Thanks for coming and taking time to read this. Have a good day.

Anne xx


  1. Hello!
    I miss you. Looking forwards to seeing you develop your blog :)

    1. Hi. Miss you too, thanks. Hopefully it'll be good x

  2. Looking forward to new posts! ( I'm Georgie by the way - nice to meet you :D )

    1. Thanks :) nice to meet you as well, hope you like it!

  3. Read about your blog on Twitter. Just thought I would pop by and say hi and welcome you to the book blogging world!

  4. Hey, Anne! Welcome to the wonderful world of book blogging! :)
    I'm looking forward to read your reviews in the future!

    Btw, I loved Bridget Jones's Diary, too.
    And <3 France :)
    Happy reading!

    - edit: you should turn off captcha!

  5. Hi, thank you :) Hopefully you'll enjoy them.
    I'll try and do that when I work out what captcha is! I have a feeling a lot've googleing is in order.
    Hope you like it :)